Breaking News!
Moved William Brantly's Session is moving to Tuesday at 3:15 pm
Program Updates
Cancelled Unfortunately, Fran Clark has had to cancel his session on Wednesday at 10:00 AM.
Updated Donna Medeiros has modified her abstract for her conference session on Wednesday at 1:15 PM.
Cancelled Inderbir Sidhu's session on Monday at 5:00 pm has been cancelled
Added David Kobb with Educational Testing Service presents PowerDesigner Special Interest Group - Data Modeling and Much More on Wednesday at 5:30 pm
Added Brian Kordelski with IBM will be presenting Effective Metadata Management is at the Heart of Data Governance on Wednesday at 1:15 pm
Added Joe Foley with i-lluminate will be presenting The DW Performance/Flexibility Tradeoff Just Became a Non-Issue on Tuesday at 3:15 pm
Cancelled Tyson Haverkort's session on Tuesday at 5:00 pm has been cancelled
Added New Tutorial!  Danette McGilvray is presenting a tutorial (T4) on Information Quality Improvement.
Added We are excited to announce that V. Dorel Chiorean with CA has joined the program on Thursday with an advanced conference session focusing on Enterprise Data Modeling Processes
Added Steve Brobst with Teradata will be presenting A Reference Architecture for Integrating an Active Data Warehouse into the Real-Time Enterprise on Tuesday afternoon
Added Mona Pomraning with BP will be leading a SIG session on DAMA Energy
Cancelled Unfortunately, Graham Witt has cancelled.  His tutorial (T4) on Monday and his conference session on Tuesday have been replaced