The DW Performance/Flexibility Tradeoff Just Became a Non-Issue
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  Joseph Foley   Joseph Foley
Chief Architect
i-lluminate Solutions


Tuesday, March 18, 2008
03:15 PM - 04:15 PM

Level:  Advanced

DW Catch 22: Building for flexibility harms performance; building for performance harms flexibility. People need fast answers, not fast queries. Correlation DBMS (CDBMS) warehouses mean data optimization, query performance tuning and specialized datamarts now become strategies of the past.

CDBMSs are a fundamental change in how DWs are created and data is stored. There’s no pre-defined schema; data creates its own schema on-the-fly, while loading, and is stored as a value. No relationships omitted.

Organizations—big and small—no longer must make the DW performance/flexibility tradeoff. Their people can get fast answers to business questions, not just fast results from queries, and the DW IT project workload just nose-dived.

The chief architect of the CDBMS introduces and explains this new data management infrastructure and shares stories from companies that have experienced its simplicity and power, including:

The world’s 2nd largest telephone company A large U.S. credit reporting agency One of Europe’s largest retailers

Joseph Foley is responsible for leading the company's technology vision and strategy. His expertise encompasses both the theoretical aspects of and the practical application for information structure, management and analysis. Mr. Foley co-founded Illuminate Solutions after starting and growing two successful technology companies that pioneered associative databases and other systems. With more than 30 years of experience in data management, his research and development spans industries, including retail, insurance, manufacturing, engineering, communications, transportation and more. Mr. Foley is a recognized expert in information analysis and has presented at venues around the world, including several Business Intelligence Europe forums and the DAMA/Wilshire Meta-Data Conference.

Education: BS in Business Administration U of MN

Leadership: Collaboration with several universities in Spain and the United States on knowledge management and organizational learning.

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