T4: Information Quality Improvement: Ten Steps to Quality Data and Trusted Information
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  Danette McGilvray   Danette McGilvray
President and Principal
Granite Falls


Monday, March 17, 2008
08:30 AM - 04:45 PM

Level:  Introductory

Do these situations sound familiar? Your company is involved in a data integration project such as building a data warehouse or migrating several source systems into an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application. Data quality issues are impacting the project timeline or users are distrustful of the information that is provided. Whether you are just starting the project or are already in production, it is not unusual to find that information quality issues prevent the company from realizing the full benefit of their investment in the new systems. Join us to learn practical approaches to improving the quality of information critical to running your business, satisfying customers, and achieving company goals.

Key topics include:

* Ten steps to quality data and trusted information * The Information Quality Framework * Dimensions of data quality * Business impact of information quality * Real-life application of the methodology

Come with your particular needs in mind, learn how these topics apply to your situation and leave with realistic methods for improving information quality.

Danette McGilvray is President and Principal of Granite Falls Consulting, Inc., a firm specializing in data quality management to support key business processes around customer satisfaction, decision support, and operational excellence. Her focus includes enterprise data quality programs and data quality, governance and stewardship for large-scale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), data integration programs, and data warehousing. An accomplished program manager and facilitator, she is a respected expert on data profiling, metrics, quality, benchmarking, and tool acquisition. Danette is a popular invited speaker at conferences throughout the US and in Europe. She has been profiled in PC Week and HP Measure Magazine and was an invited delegate to the People’s Republic of China to discuss roles and opportunities for women in the computer field. Her upcoming book, "Executing Data Quality Projects" Ten Steps to Quality Data and Trusted Information™" is being published by Morgan Kaufmann and will be available Summer 2008.

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