Improving the Performance of your Enterprise Data Modeling Processes
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  V. Chiorean   V. Dorel Chiorean
Senior Software Engineer


Thursday, March 20, 2008
09:50 AM - 10:50 AM

Level:  Advanced

This session will outline techniques to address the challenges of real-world modeling within your enterprise. In particular, we will examine ways to improve the performance of potentially time consuming enterprise data modeling processes.

Topics covered will include:

A. Size matters! Break down your large models using subject area based processes

B. Speeding up change control and synchronization using advanced features of the modeling tool:

C. Effectively using denormalization to improve the performance of toggling between logical and physical views;

D. Techniques to avoid lengthy reverse engineering processes

E. Advanced version control using a high performance data model repository.

Mr. Chiorean has a Masters Degree from a major European Polytechnical University. He was a successful researcher in Europe for nine years accumulating four patents before moving to USA. His initial focus, upon arriving in the US, was to develop quality management software. He was a lead programmer and analyst for a software development firm in Princeton NJ. Data analysis, data modeling and software design were Mr. Chiorean’s primary areas of concentration. Pursuing a specialization in the area of data modeling software, he then accepted a senior developer position with Logic Works Inc. where he was a major contributor to the development of the ERwin data modeling tool. Mr. Chiorean is now a senior software developer with Computer Associates and a lead member of the ERwin® Data Modeler development team. He has presented on a variety of topics at many industry conferences as well as at CA World; CA’s world wide user conference.

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