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  Mona Pomraning   Mona Pomraning
E&P DCT Data Architect


Wednesday, March 19, 2008
07:15 AM - 08:15 AM

Level:  Introductory

* Prospective DAMA members of the Energy sector work in a flat world with highly out-sourced, virtual teams, halo rooms, high than average continental and intercontinental travel and multi-cultural teams.

* The energy sector includes oil, gas, re-newables, alternatives and utilities.

* There are a number of strong DAMA chapters in the USA such as the Seattle, Portland and Chicago chapters.

* Having local access to a strong chapters is a wonderful gift.

* Starting or sustaining a local chapter requires a team commitment.

* The Houston chapter has been inactive for several years now. The Houston chapter included many industries, however the energy sector represented a significant portion of the membership. Rather than renew the Houston Chapter it was suggested that the an Energy SIG be created.

* This has several benefits. Most notably the members of a common industry would have a common forum to address vendor neutral issues and concerns.

* Topics of interest as voted by membership examples below:

* Integration of the various energy sector conceptual data modeling (CDM) PPDM, Energistic, or other industry data models

* Tool integration between data modeling tools and enterprise modeling tools; data warehouse and MDM tools; 3rd party applications;

* Data quality issues from 3rd party vendors who sell data structures and data content Data Governance, …

Mona has worked in a variety of data related roles for the last 27 years, including business analysis, data architecture, DBA, and enterprise architecture for Boeing Company, Boeing Computer Services, Martin Marietta, Micron Electronics and Les Schwab. At Boeing, Mona was involved in data management for the 777 airplane, the first 100% digitally-designed airplane. While at Boeing Mona Chaired the Data Resource Management Board. She also introduced and established the role of Data Architect at E&P BP, Micron Electronics and Les Schwab. She is currently the Enterprise Data Architecture for the E&P segment within British Petroleum. Mona holds a BA in economics and mathematics from Eastern Washington University, an MPA from Eastern Washington University, an MS in information systems management from Seattle Pacific University, and an Advanced Certificate in data resource management from the University of Washington. When she's not ‘architecting,’ Mona enjoys horses, down-hill skiing (Ski Acers, and Bogus Basin Ski Patrol alumni), carriage driving, back packing and spending time with friends and family. She has most recently taken up mountain biking as its tough to ski in Houston.

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